EU leather furniture new standards introduced in 2012 began to implement


Recently, the European Union introduced a new standard leather furniture, the new standards, for OEM and furniture manufacturers, only the surface of their products more than 80% of the material for the dermis, can be said that the product is genuine leather products. In the furniture using Pu finishing leather and section layers of leather, according to the new standard, manufacturers need to on the product label will mark them as "regenerated leather".

The new EU "standard" will be implemented in 2012, the standard in addition to furniture, but also involved in the sofa, car and other interior with leather. The new standard is a reference to a number of footwear standards adopted by the European Union, and after a few years of negotiations between the European Union and the European tanning industry, including the chemical industry.

As we know, our country currently on the leather furniture standard is missing, the market counterfeiting, shoddy phenomenon abound. The concept of leather furniture is very confusing. EU leather furniture new standards introduced, although the threshold to improve the Chinese leather furniture exporters, but also will promote the development and improvement of China's leather furniture standard.